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Friday, May 13, 2011

What Everyday Life Is Like With Chronic Pain

If you've never experienced chronic pain, it is something that I would not wish on anyone. The only time I have relief from pain is when I'm sleeping. Other than that, I have pain every minute I am awake. I do take pain pills, but they are not strong enough to do much good. And I am unable to take over 6 pain pills a day, because my stomach is unable to handle more than that.
It has altered my life tenfold. I used to be a hard working, always on the move, strong woman that rarely spent time just sitting around doing nothing. I am no longer able to travel long distances without taking a rest at least every hour or two, so seeing family and friends that I love to visit is no longer an option. The economy and being on a fixed income makes it impossible to travel by staying in motels for 2-3 nights to get to a destination where friends and family are.
I also am unable to lift anything over probably 10-15 pounds, because if I do, it makes the pain totally miserable for the rest of the day. Even carrying in a case of bottled water makes me miserable the rest of the day if I have to carry it in after a trip to the grocery store.
Cleaning my kitchen floor on my hands and knees the way I used to do it is something else that I'm unable to do either. It creates a misery, and the days I did do that was a day that I am unable to do much the rest of the day other than complain about how miserable I am.
When you have chronic pain, and in my case where the doctors have spent 4 years trying to find the cause and so far have been unable to, it is difficult to know what makes it more unbearable until you try something. I used to lift heavy things, clean floors by hand, rake the garden, all things that now considerably increase the pain.
These are just a few of the things that I deal with on an everyday basis. I'm still looking for answers or suggestions as to what could be causing the pain, and am open to trying anything that someone has done to help, or thinks could help. Will continue to give updates as doctors keep trying to decide what it is that might help in some way.

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